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Demo3D.TagServer Namespace

The Demo3D.TagServer namespace supports the high level Tag Server.
Public classBinding
A binding between a tag server ServerItem and a set of model BindableItems (eg custom properties).
Public classConnections
Central point gathering together all server and bindings used by a document.
Public classExportBindableItem
Class for encapsulating information passed to OnExportBindableItem visual event.
Public classExpression
Base class for a bound expression.
Public classPropertyNames
Property names for properties in PropertyId.
Public classServerExtensions
IServer extensions.
Public classServerItem
ServerItem is a cache of properties for a Tag Server Data Item on a specific server.
Public classServerItemName
Class containing the salient details of a ServerItem.
Public classSetValuesFromModel
A class for batching updates from the model.
Public classSetValuesFromServer
A class for batching updates from the server.
Public classTagExpression
Container for a tag expression: the string typed in by the user, and our parsed interpretation of it.
Public classTagImporterConfiguration
Configures a tag server import.
Public structureServerItemUpdate
A value update to be applied to the server item.
Public interfaceIServer
Defines a tag server.
Public enumerationConnectedState
Connection state.
Public enumerationConnectionsUpdateType
Public enumerationPropertyId
Standard and recommended property ids.
Public enumerationTagExpressionType
The type of a tag expression.

See BuiltinTagProtocol and BuiltinMemoryProtocol for examples of integrating protocols into the TagServer.