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Demo3D.PackageManager Namespace

The Demo3D.PackageManager namespace contains functionality for interacting with the PackageManager.
Public classPackageConfig
Information about a package configuration.
Public classPackageDependency
Holds information about a dependency on a package.
Public classPackageManagerOptions
Options for package manager construction.
Public classPackageVersion
Information about a package.
Public classPackageVersionOptions
Options for PackageVersion.
Public classSemVersionRange
An implementation of Range for use with semantic versions.
Public classVersionRange
An implementation of Range for use with versions.
Public interfaceIPackageFeed
A collection of packages. Package files may be retrieved from a feed.
Public interfaceIPackageManager
Manages packages within a group of package repositories.
Public interfaceIPackageTarget
A target to install packages on.
Public enumerationPackageType
The possible types for a package. Each package target will support a subset of these types.