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Demo3D.ControlPanel Namespace

The Demo3D.ControlPanel namespace contains functionality for building custom control panels.
Public classControl
A recognised control widget.
Public classControlEmergencyStopButtonControl
An emergency stop button.
Public classControlLampControl
A lamp.
Public classControlPushableLampControl
A lamp embedded in a button.
Public classControlPushButtonControl
A push button.
Public classControlPanelItem
A control to appear in the ControlsGrid.
Public classControlPanelItemsResults
Control Panel Items.
Public classControlProperty
A data property for a control.
Public classControlsGridTabManager
Manages the Controls Grid tab in the main Demo3D "properties" tab group. This is the root of all the Control Panel logic. Anything that happens starts here.
Public enumerationLampColor
Represents the color of a lamp control.
All classes and methods documented here are intended for use in user scripting.